List of activities allowed in the special economic zones of Panama

by PLP / December 18, 2017

Due to its economic growth, legal and personal security and tax, labor and migratory incentives, Panama has become an ideal destination for the expansion of multinational companies and business entrepreneurship guaranteeing an excellent quality of life. Through its policies, highlighting the creation of different Special Economic Zones (SEZ), Panama encourages foreign companies to invest in the territory.  

The different Laws that regulate the Special Economic Zones in the Republic of Panama establish specific functions and activities that are allowed in each one.

Below, we provide a table that allows you to compare the different activities that are permitted in each Special Economic Zone in Panama:

Special Economic Zones in Panama

Permitted Activities

Colón Free Zone Panamá Pacífico Free Zones



Re-export (Regime that allows for the exit from the customs territory of foreign goods that arrived in te country and where not imported)

Wholesales trading    
Wholesales distribution      
Processing and refining of goods      

Other operations, transactions, negotiations or activities from the establishment and operation of the commercial zones.


Corporate Headquarters 

Back office operations      
Call Centers       
High-tech manufacturing and process manufacturing      
Multimodal and logistics services      
Aviation industry services      
Offshore services      
Film industry      
Data, radio, television, audio and video transmission      
Transfer of inventory between companies in-site      
Transfer of goods and services to ships, aircrafts and their passengers      
Scientifics and technologicals      
General services within the special zone      
Environmental services      
Human development and cultural      
High education and scientific investigation centers      


For more information about the diferences between establishing in each zone, don´t miss our blog post Special Economic Zones in Panama.

If you wish to know more bout Free Trade Zones in Panama, clic the botton below and download the Law 32 of april 5 of 2011. 

Download Law 32

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