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by PLP / December 12, 2017

Panama has different Special Economic Zones which offer companies a variety of tax, labor and migratory incentives in order to attract foreign investment and create new job opportunities. When choosing where to invest, start or expand your industrial operations, it´s important to take into account a variety of factors sucha as:

  • Type of company and its short, medium and long term goals.
  • Location and connectivity of the place where your company will be established.


PLP is an industrial and logistic development strategically located in the east section of Panama City, a few minutes away from the Tocumen International Airport, with fast connectivity to the main corridors and logistics routes of the country.

It has two access gateways which facilitates the transportation of cargo as it can be entered through different logistics corridors, a strategic advantage that eliminates factors such as traffic or accidents from becoming an obstacle, ensuring a safe and on-time delivery. Its privileged location allows all amenities to be at close range.

Below, we provide a detailed list of the distances from PLP to the main sites in the logistics and industrial sectors of Panama:

  • Tocumen International Airport: It is the largest airport in Panama and is considered a major Central American hub with the highest passenger and aircraft traffic in Central America. It has three terminals and two runways that serve 15 cargo and 24 commercial airlines.
    • Distance:
      • José Agustin Arango: 7.8 km
      • Carretera Panamericana: 12.5 km
    • Distance to the cargo area of Tocumen International Airport:
      • 3.4 km
  • Banking Center:  Panama currently has 65 operating banks from Central America and the Caribbean (of which, 21 are from Panama), 13 from Europe, 7 from North America and 6 from Asia and the Middle East.
    • Distance:
      • Domingo Díaz: 27.3 km
      • Corredor Sur: 27.9 km with toll.
      • Corredor Norte: 35 km with toll.


  • Port of the Pacific (Balboa):  Balboa has an ideal geographical location that allows it to grow as a merchandise distribution center, connecting the main line services from the far east and North America to the West Coast of South America, Central America and the Caribbean. It is a modern container terminal capable of simultaneously receiving two PosT Panamax ships, two Panamax ships and one Feeder.
    • Distance:
      • Corredor Norte: 37 km with toll.
      • Corredo Sur: 35.6 km with toll.
      • Correodr Norte y Av. Domingo Díaz: 40.9 km
  • Railroad (Balboa): Operated by the Panama Canal Railway Company, it offers a transfer of containers and passengers between both seas through a 76.89 km route which lasts 1 hour and 15 minutes. The railroad  daily transports 2,000 containers between the terminals of Balboa (Pacific) and Manzanillo and MIT (Atlantic). The Panama Canal Railway Company concession is by law considered a railroad customs corridor, where cargo can be transshipped from one coast to the other duty-free.
    • Distance:
      • Corredor Sur: 36.4 km with toll.
      • Corredor Norte: 37.8 km with toll.
      • Carretera Panamericana: 37.3 km
  • Bridge of the Americas (Puente de las Américas): It crosses the Panama Canal at the entrance of the Pacific, linking the towns of Balboa and the district of Arraijan.
    • Distance:
      • Corredor Sur: 37.2 km with toll.
      • Transistmíca/Carretera 3, Corredor Norte y Carretera Panamericana: 37.4 km
      • Corredor Norte: 39.5 km with toll.


  • Colon: The city is of commercial importance to the country due to the Colon Free Zone (the second largest in the world) and for the activity in the different ports. 
    • Distance:
      • Panamá-Colón Expy: 102 km with toll.
      • Boyd Roosevelt/Carretera Transístmica 104 km.


  • Hospitals:
    • Centro Médico Especializado Panamá Este: 2.9 km through Carretera Panamericana
    • Centro de Salud de Tocumen: 5.5 km through Carretera Panamericana
    • Hospital Irma de Lourdes Tzanetatos 6.3 km through Carretera Panamericana
  • Mall:
    • Mega Mall 850 m. through Carretera Panamericana
  • Hotels: Thanks to PLP´s close distance to the Tocumen Internationl Airport, there are a variety of hotels at a short distance, among which you can find:
    • Express Inn PTY Aeropuerto Internacional Panama: 7.9 km
    • Riande Airport Hotel: 10.7 km
  • Metro Bus Stop:
    • Metro Bus Patio Nueva Doña: 220 m. from the entrance located on Carretera Panamericana.
  • In front of the future Station of Line 2 of the Panama Metro:
    • Stops near by:
      •  La Doña
      • Nuevo Tocumen

If you would like to know more advantages or wish to visit the Industrial Park, PLP, and its exclusive Free Zone, don´t hesitate to schedule an appointment with our adivsors or download the lotification map.

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