Panama encourages companies to invest in the territory through their trade policies. Its privileged location has allowed it to become a center of operations for the world. Free Zones are part of a special, comprehensive and simplified regime for the establishment and operation of companies that...

Enacted on April 5, 2011, Law 32 establishes the special, comprehensive and simple regime for the establishment and operation of free trade zones in Panama. According to the general provisions, it is decreed that the purpose of this law is to contribute to the development of the country and the...

Currently, the globalized world drives foreign investment in different countries. Companies are interested in achieving a higher margin of profit by crossing international borders.

Free Trade Zones in the export sector play a key role, since they possess important tax and labor benefits in Panama. But how do you know if a Free Trade Zone is ideal for your operations?

A Free Trade Zone is a geographically delimited area within the national territory, where industrial activities of goods and services or commercial activities are developed, and governed by a special regulation in tax, customs and foreign trade matters.