PLP as an industrial park class a+

by PLP / January 4, 2018

Panama is a country that thanks to its connectivity with the different markets of the region and its privileged location, has a unique attraction for foreign investment. There are a variety of industrial parks in the country located at strategic points, taking into account the ease of access to the main industrial and logistics infrastructure.

PLP is an industrial park ranked Class A+ that offers companies quick connectivity and easy access through two entrances located at the north and south of the development. It has a horizontal property management structure which promotes a peaceful coexistence between co-owners. 


Industrial Park Class a+

The classification of industrial parks in Panama is based on factors such as their location and the services and facilities that they possess in order to accommodate the companies that establish within them.

As a ranked Class A+ development in Panama, PLP has  first class facilities under world class standards, Its imposing green areas that expand more than six hectares include natural pluvial channels and a wastewater treatment plant. In order to maintain the standards and offer the best service to the companies that are part of this industrial park, the distribution of the land lots presents a topography that allows an adequate distribution of the lots creating  an environment of spaciousness, independence and privacy between the buildings.



PLP allows for the operation of Light or Harmful Industries (as stated by Panama´s classification system) as well as the following industries that were carefully selected in order to not affect the healthy coexistence of the companies established in the development:


  1. Electrical products
  2. Car assembly plant
  3. Marble products
  4. Sawmills and barracks
  5. Metal products
  6. Rubber products
  7. Metal products for desktops
  8. Funeral items
  9. Bicycles and tricycles
  10. Alcoholic drinks
  11. Soft drinks
  12. Cars and carriages
  13. Car bodywork
  14. Footwear
  15. Ceramics
  16. Nails and screws
  17. Kitchen
  18. Metal cots
  19. Beer
  20. Cellulose
  21. Textile printing
  22. Wood veneers
  23. Tin containers
  24. Stamping and embossing of metals
  25. Emery and sandpaper
  26. Brooms and brushes
  27. Matches
  28. Refrigerators
  29. Ice
  30. Ironwork
  31. Pencils
  32. Furniture
  33. Motors
  34. Machinery
  35. Tires
  36. Paints
  37. Thermoelectric plants
  38. Papers and cartons
  39. Special papers (charcoal, cellophane, photographic)
  40. Marble plates
  41. Incubator plant
  42. Vehicle repair
  43. Auto parts
  44. Wines and liquors
  45. Vinegar

To learn more about PLP and its exclusive free trade zone, click on the button below and obtain the lotification map of the project.

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